June 16, 2017 - Make Things Look Nice-ish

This last week I've been working at making Arcsine look half decent as I'll be getting some collaborators involved quite soon to help with level design.


The game is going to involve quite a few levels. During the first few weeks of the project I built a simple level editor which can be used by a few people to create, share and score each others levels. The game quickly reached a playable state and with a few quick intro levels built, I want to start showing some people.


I'm not going too in depth with visuals yet, but I would like to have something that has at least a bit of sparkle to it when sharing it for the first time. This aspect of game development has always been tough for me but I love learning so it's been a great week!


I'm using the Amplify shader editor in Unity to use on my materials. I've tried to learn shader code in the past, and I've got a grasp on the basics, but not enough to get anything done efficiently. The node editor itself has a slight learning curve, but I have used that system in Blender so I can grasp the concept at least which has made it easier to experiment with it and create some nice shaders.


The Crepe Studios website is also undergoing a bit of an overhaul, so expect to see a nice refresh sometime within the next week!

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