June 23, 2017 - What is Arcsine?

I thought I'd share a little bit more detail on what I've been working on over the last 4-6 weeks.


What is Arcsine?


Arcsine is a remake of a game which I released as a free game on Windows Phone back in 2014-ish. It was the first project I ever worked on and my first ever release. The game's name was 'Arm' and the final product was just about as creative and polished as the name...(terrible).


Considering that it was just an experiment on my part to see what making a game was like, it did do quite well on the store with quite a few downloads during the year it was available. Before I work on my next big project, which is just a story at the moment, I thought I'd remake this Arm game with a bit more polish and effort. I know it will be relatively simple to build and I know at least a few handfuls of people are going to enjoy playing it!


Here's a screenshot of one of the early introduction levels I have put together:


The game is a very simple concept: You are in control of the arm(shout out to the original name) which is connected at one end to a pivot. The arm spins around on that pivot and you can press the space bar to switch over to an adjacent pivot.

It has the usual elements to this kind of game with shiny objects to collect on your way to the goal to finish the level within the time limit.

The different pivot types which are currently working in the game:

  • Bounce: When your arm hits one of these, you guessed it! You bounce off and start rotating in the other direction. These are an obstacle as well as a tool to use when trying to avoid or approach different elements from different directions.
  • Toggle: These are essentially switches. A circuit is connected between it and any other pivot/s. When you toggle the toggle(not sure how I should say that) it activates/deactivates the circuit which in turn will change the status of whatever is connected to it. This can be used to lower the bounce pivots, trigger a mine etc.
  • Mine: The mine is an explosive pivot with a tripwire. When your arm passes over it, or a circuit which it's connected to is activated, it starts a countdown leading to an explosion. The explosion destroys any object within a radius.


Many different elements are being developed, from electrified fences to drone enemies. Stay tuned to follow my progress!

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