July 14, 2017 - Clean Up

I've been working on a few business related things over the last couple of weeks. After I sent out a copy of Arcsine to a few people, I've been trying to set up a few things to make future work a bit more manageable.


I started using Trello to keep track of a lot of the smaller tasks that a lot of the time get forgotten. I'm also using it as a place to dump ideas for Arcsine as well as what's coming next.



I haven't been able to get heaps done with Arcsine, but I did manage to add the functionality of a teleport pivot and an enemy drone. The enemy drone at the moment will follow a designated path and fire a missile at you if you get too close. The teleport pivot does what you'd expect, it teleports you to another location.


Other than implementing those new things, I started cleaning up a lot of prototype code. I should be able to finish that next week and begin work on fleshing out the level editor a bit more. I would like to make it a bit more user friendly.

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