The weekend of 21-23 July was great! I was able to catch up with a few locals in the industry and meet some awesome new people!


It was great to be able to show the newer build of Perso too. A few of the attendees had played the game last year so it was good to get their feedback on some of the changes made.


Going to events like AVCon really floor me, so I had a very slow week after getting back home. I did a few small things with Arcsine, but mostly just spent my days outside getting my vegie garden ready for Spring! This week I got a little bit more work done. Nothing to show visually, but I've been building on the systems for level building.


I'm trying to build a flexible system so that as I build levels and add new mechanics it won't require much if any work on older stuff. It's very close to being finished so I'll be working on tidying that up next week and hopefully put a few more levels together with the new drone enemy.


So yeah, it's taken a couple of weeks, but I've recovered from my AVCon weekend and getting back into some productive work!


Here's a snap of most of the great people at the Indie Games Room!

I've been working on a few business related things over the last couple of weeks. After I sent out a copy of Arcsine to a few people, I've been trying to set up a few things to make future work a bit more manageable.


I started using Trello to keep track of a lot of the smaller tasks that a lot of the time get forgotten. I'm also using it as a place to dump ideas for Arcsine as well as what's coming next.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I changed up the visuals a little bit this week. I wanted to soften it a bit and make the points of interest stand out a bit. I added a few quick animations to liven it up too. Emission values changing when objects are interacted with was a nice addition.


I added the mine pivot this week. Built a quick model for it and made a little sound for it as it counts down. Just need to create an explosion particle effect for it and it'll be sorted. That'll come a bit later though.

I thought I'd share a little bit more detail on what I've been working on over the last 4-6 weeks.


What is Arcsine?


Arcsine is a remake of a game which I released as a free game...

This last week I've been working at making Arcsine look half decent as I'll be getting some collaborators involved quite soon to help with level design.


The game is going to involve quite a few levels. During the first few weeks of the project I built a simple level editor which can be used by a few people to create, share and score each...

June 9, 2017 - New/Old Project

The last few weeks have been a very exciting time. The release of Perso, although not being a huge financial success, was a great experience. Working  on Perso as my first commercial release and first large solo project has given me great confidence in my abilities, although I know I still have A LOT to learn!

The final weeks leading up to release were...

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